Heading to Easter Jeep Safari?

So it’s your first time to Moab for Easter Jeep Safari.  You’re super excited! Your friends have raved for years how awesome EJS is, and you decided to join the off road community for a week of serious fun.  You found the Facebook group and Instagram pages to follow already. You’ve got your trail runs planned, know where you’re staying (you booked that a year in advance!) and have a basic idea of what you’re going to be doing… but beyond the trails and official EJS events,  you aren’t sure what else to expect. Here are a few things we love to recommend!


Always Dress In Layers


We have experienced light snow, rain, heat and high wind in the four years we’ve been going. The best rule of thumb is to wear layers. We tend to wear hoodies in the morning with t-shirts and jeans, so we have the option of taking a layer off as the day goes by. Hiking boots or shoes with a good rubber tread on them is a must – they keep your feet warm, and allow you to walk across all kinds of terrain. Sunglasses and hats are also great items to have on you at all times.


Jailhouse Cafe – Best Breakfast In Moab


There are a couple small grocery stores in town for picking up food, however we plan ahead and bring what we can to help eliminate multiple stops. If you are looking for an awesome breakfast – hit up Jailhouse Cafe, and ask for a side of bacon!  For a truly all around wonderful experience and amazing views – make reservations and go to The Sunset Grill. Woody’s Tavern is a great place to play pool and grab a drink.


Everyone Needs Some Rest



Need a trail break? Check out the awesome Moab Giants, and learn about dinosaurs that roamed the trails before we did! See a movie at Slick Rock Cinema. Go bowling at Gravel Pit Lanes. Wander around town and check out local shops. Hit up the EJS Vendor Show Thursday or Friday.


Newspaper Rock


Newspaper Rock is truly amazing, and worth the hour drive to get there from Moab. Along the way, you can enjoy watching rock climbers scale the cliffs and imagine what it was like to live there thousands of years ago.


We hope you have a great time in Moab this year, and that you will say hi when you see  us on the trail and at the vendor show Stay tuned for more EJS 2018 blog posts!