Only YOU know the kind of wheeling you do, and sometimes you need axles that go above and beyond the limited options that are available now. This is where EmWest Motorsports Crawl King axles comes in. From a Dana 60 kingpin with Nitro Excalibur U Joints and Yukon Hardcore 35 spline locking hubs, to a Ruff Stuff Ford 9 housing with a Dana nodular iron case and Wilwood disc brakes, we have you covered. 100% customization, based on your specifications.

We’ve noticed that the options available to motorsports enthusiasts when it comes to customization are severely limited. We’re excited to be stepping in to help all mudding, rockcrawling enthusiasts gain access to the quality and reliability you’ve been waiting for.

All of our customers are looking for genuine Dana Spicer, OE quality, and they’re looking for customization. At EmWest, we have a history of excelling in all of these areas. With a long history of supplying genuine Dana Spicer drivetrain systems to off-highway vehicle manufacturers around the world, the expansion of our business into the Motorsports market feels natural. Though the needs of our commercial, off-highway clients are vastly different than those of our motorsports customers, there’s a commonality between the two that makes sense for us and for our customers.

Unparalleled Knowledge, Comprehensive Service, the Right Drivetrain Solution for You

Mud on your fenders, hands on the wheel, and it’s just you and your rig out there. Yeah, sometimes things break, and we know some people who say “if something doesn’t break, you’re not wheeling hard enough.” But when you do put your rig through the ringer and wheel a bit too hard, you know where to come to get an upgraded customized axle. Next time you need a fix, head over to EmWest.