A very big proponent of keeping off-road trails open to the public is the way in which people treat them while wheeling. Trashing trails by going outside trail markers or leaving litter and debris behind is a quick way to ensure government agencies think twice about allowing future use.

There are two guidelines we always follow when hitting the trail: Pack out what you pack in. If you see litter on the trail, pick it up and take it out with you. Stay on the designated trail. Don’t attempt a new trail, because others will follow.

Moab’s Red Rock 4-Wheelers,¬†who puts on events like Easter Jeep Safari, is great at promoting responsible 4-wheeling. For $40 a year, you can become an associate member, which helps support their land use efforts, trail clean up and other community events. Supporting the local volunteers of this organization is a great way to raise trail awareness and responsibility.

Another great Moab opportunity: Did you know you can spend some of your time in Moab volunteering with Moab Solutions? Experience immediate results by helping this great organization with recycling and environmental restoration projects specially tailored to your group and time allotment. Email or call them today and ask about how you can help keep this unique area beautiful year round.

RV Dump Stations: Here’s a list of Dump and fill stations for all the campers coming into town! Clean campsites go a long way toward maintaining the adventure lifestyle we all seek when heading to Moab, whether it’s for off-roading, hiking, mountain biking or other.

Volunteer to help keep Easter Jeep Safari an event that we can all attend and enjoy for years to come by ensuring proper land use while you’re in town and out on the trail. Let’s pass down good habits to the next generation by showing them what it’s all about!